Hi. I’m Alicia.

It’s super nice to meet you.

While you’re here.
Let’s get to know each other.

I’ll start.

I’ve always had a love for fashion, houses and business.

Picking out clothes and putting outfits together started when I was in elementary school. So, it should come as no surprise that my first job was at a clothing store. Where I spent my whole paycheck (well most of it anyways…). And if you ask my husband, he’ll say I never outgrew this hobby.

My interest in houses came from my parents taking me on the ‘Parade of Homes’ each year. I would construct my future home in my head. Gathering ideas and then making them my own. Of course, there was picking out colors, design elements and furnishings. All the ins and outs of making things go together. So, this became my next hobby. Bigger and better each time.

And the business part, well I’m not sure why or how. All I know is that it’s in my blood and I’ve always felt the pull to own a business. I honestly thought it would be owning a clothing store or decorating houses. And that my marketing experience would help me build that business and brand.

But then a few weeks ago I found myself without a full-time job. Pondering what to do with my life. Trying to figure out how my hobbies could be a career. And how my marketing experience had any connection to all of this.

Some call it luck. Others call it destiny. I call it a few glasses of wine. And a very good friend who painted the picture for me. Because while I couldn’t see how it all fit together. She could.

You see my hobbies are just an extension of what I do for small and mid-sized companies. I see the potential. Find the right pieces. Put them together. Create something that is aesthetically pleasing. Different. And memorable.

My experience leading up to this point exposed me to various industries, company sizes and marketing disciplines. Giving me the opportunity to create brands from scratch and re-invigorating others. Launching new products and services. Turning marketing programs into business channels. And learning the ins and outs of developing integrated marketing strategies and campaigns that have lasting impact on businesses.

So, connecting the dots and seeing how my hobbies and experience all fit together took some time. But now I’m on my way to helping other companies see their true brand potential.

When I’m not putting outfits together or decorating my house. I’m spending time with my family and friends. Boating on the lake. Enjoying a few glasses of wine on my deck. Or vacationing to one of the many places on my bucket list.

And if you want the oh so boring details of my career. You can read my LinkedIn profile.
(It’s a real snoozer compared to this.)