I help fix brands that have lost their mojo (or in some cases, never had it). And I help create brands from nothing. Giving both a foundational blueprint and structure to build upon.

I team up with the best of the best, creating what I call my ‘dream team’. You can think of me as your CMO (aka: head of marketing) but without all the overhead. I, and the folks who help bring your brand to life through visuals and things like web development are your extended team of experts. We get you off the ground and running then continue to provide support as you need it.

You might ask, what exactly is a brand?

It’s a connection. An experience. And often a relationship that is built over time. It usually starts with a gut feeling. An impression. A mutual interest or need that serves a purpose and makes you feel good. There’s a mutual respect and desire to be part of something. And ultimately you come to trust that relationship. Because you know it won’t let you down.

Let’s face it. Every brand has something special and unique about it. Its own magic mojo per se. Sometimes it naturally stands out. Sometimes it doesn’t. But the good thing – it’s never too late to find it.

So, let’s get started.  

We’ll start from the ground up to understand your business and what makes you different. Then create the tools needed to build your brand.

Growth happens. Strategies change. New services and/or products are introduced. Your brand needs to adapt too. 

Want to tell your brand story through a new marketing channel but don’t have the team or expertise? Let me help.